My Independency Was Your Grounding

Dirty influences and a bottle of wine. Hard to keep you out of my mind, I still fall asleep. You couldn’t afford sobriety, addictions made you broke. Take what you need, I’m steady, take what you want, I’m golden. Convincing myself til night rolls around and the dusk offers loneliness. The sun gone, I stay lit, a bright candle. You use me to read, to learn, I guide you relentlessly, I almost forget to guide myself. A codependent light can only go so far until the light centers itself back on its source and regains its virility. Like an island filled with brush, I center myself from all lacking energies. My independency becomes your grounding, I hope you grow, I hope you dream, I hope you learn. Bask yourself in ambition, be my twin, grow next to me. I want to see you dance, like the last flower in the field, roots too strong to decay, forever standing sturdy. You will be the lesson for the next, a key for the broken door, opening the fences in minds that have kept their truest selves hidden from the light. You will transform the world, I will give you the energy!

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Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

The Giver

There were countless times I could recall where I wanted to put my weight on you. I thought you were supposed to be my glue to hold me together. As I obsessively watched you drift away, I fell apart. Illusions ran through my mind as I waited desolately for you to come back and save me. Save me from the terrors in my own bead. The same terrors that pushed you away in the first place, leaving you at a disadvantage from the start. You tried to love me as I laid in bed trapped, victim to my past. You tried painting me a future but my mind wouldn’t let me see your beautiful art. You were always the purest form of love. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for allowing me to understand what love feels like, thank you for showing me that the same feeling is possible without you. I love you, forever.

Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

Photo Credit: cameronmfahey