Your Fortress

You knew what you were doing when you led me pass your boundaries to the very center of your world. The depths of your heart into the forgiving fortress of your soul. I’ve always sensed your pleasure to live, but I never saw it until now and wow is it bright. It is everything I thought it was and then some. I couldn’t have dreamt of anything like it because my mind never stored any visuals that were so amazing, so gorgeous, breathtaking. Although I’ve been alive for decades, it feels like today was the day I just started living, thank you!

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My Idol

I can’t take my eyes off your style of movements. Each plan of action carried out with the most grace, expressing a need without being needy. I adore the way you complete yourself, the way you fit into your own shoes and the way you carry your heart in the words that you speak and the love you give day in an day out. You are the realest and will always be my idol.

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Shine With Me

Please stay with me until the fear of uncertainty goes away. I am much too attached to your presence, it is your light that I attach to. Even though it is sad for me, but your light is my darkness. I know your light will become my light when I learn how to shine my own. Until then, give me space, allow me to transform. Allow me to evolve, when the time is perfect, we will shine together and multiply consciousness. You are my biggest role model, I am your biggest fan. Support me, and when the time is right, shine with me because I know I will shine with you.

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A Day Moved Through Love

Not working,


Closest thing to destroyed,

Refurbishing you was a task,

Loads of loveliness,

Opening, like a flower opens its pedals,

Laying closed in an open casket,

A dream of no one, nothing,

Laying eternal in a spec of light,

A norm, everything,

Settle for divinity,

Settle for wholeness,

A day worth a million bucks,

Is a day moved though love.

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A Delivered Destiny, Deserved and Desired

Delivering yourself to destiny is only deserved if you desire it. A long test, time and time again, lackluster. To most people this was okay, to others it was unacceptable. Barely achieving, a cheated destiny, a D- was passing, but wasn’t sharp enough to cut it. It was then that a whole heart could never be full without a full ambition and a full ambition was the first step to the script of destiny. The only policy is the truth to yourself, and wondering instead of doing is the opposite of the golden ticket. Delivering yourself to destiny is only deserved if you desire it.

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You Transform My Life

You turn 100 years into one day, the way you look at me, your glassy eyes staring into my soul. The way you voice imitates a smooth melody when you tell me you love me. I do my best to brush against you when I can because the touch of any part of your body makes me feel like an angel floating high above. You make me want to watch you at every time of the day, if you were to leave I would follow, if you told me to jump I would leap. I would do anything for you because you turn a counterfeited 100 years into one genuine day.

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Inward, A Permanent Home

In days of confusion and toxicity, you turned to the only truth you knew of. A truth that contained all the answers. A truth that was there for you when you needed it most. Although sometimes the path to your truth was not always a simple one, it always held the answers you needed. Your truth was far from outward, you couldn’t trust a thing from the outside. You truth was inward, lying inside of you day after day. Sheltering trust, forgiveness, and love in the purest form. The more you looked inward the more you grew. It was a stepping block when you needed to go higher and it was a your house when you needed safety. In days of confusion and toxicity, you turned to the only truth you knew of.

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Love Engrained in all 50 States

You were the instrument that made me dance,

All jazzed up at your first glance,

I was the one that made you sing,

All loud and clear like a midsummer fling,

You were the blanket to my skin, all warm and cozy,

I was the flowers to your vase, all red and rosy,

You were the strong to my weak, all balanced and stable,

I was the hot to your cold, waiting for you at the next open table,

You were neat,

Keeping me complete,

I was pure,

Keeping you secure,

I’d stay a generation with you,

See it all through and through,

If you had doubts and wanted to leave,

I’d climb the highest mountain to make you believe,

I cherish you and use my words to express my feelings,

But we keep having to move, my words busting through ceilings,

Too powerful, an emotion so strong,

Making all feel right, even what was wrong.

We are soul mates,

Love engrained in all 50 states,

I love you forever,

Not even that’s enough, whatsoever!

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Very Slowly…

Very slowly I see an increase. An increase in work, in validation, in a cultivating love. I don’t want to stop but I am afraid to go. For the fear of success attacks the fear of failure, building a campfire in my mind, roasting marshmallows when it wants to. I deserve it all but the fear of success says otherwise. “You can’t have this” whispering in my mind supplying glimpses of doubt, adding wood to the fire. The space I have created in the moment shelters me and keeps me safe, grounding me from the fear of success, as I continue to whisper affirmations of greatness and my consciousness overrides the sabotaging feelings of doubt!

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Today, the Light Shined

Bright enough to shake the woes from any self deprecating mind, the light was stronger, more radiant, and more beautiful than it ever was. Even as it set, it was relentless, piercing calmness and an even balance throughout ones body. Although it will come back tomorrow, will it be as bright? Will it coat ones skin in forgiveness like it did today? Will it remain as powerful while still being subtle? Hopefully it does, since this is all part of its plan. A plan from above, teaching the principles of forgiveness, allowing love to come forth and wash all that was toxic away. Renewing and catapulting one along their journey, like a baby’s greatest milestone, learning to crawl and talk. Cherish the sun for it gives gives and gives, asking for nothing, still shining the light. Bright enough to shake the woes from any self deprecating mind, the light was stronger, more radiant, and more beautiful than it ever was.

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