You Are Enough

Chaos on the outside, pleasing you to please me, doing you to do me, you looked at me for guidance, I looked the other way.

A responsibility for your well being was something I did not want to get involved with, but you were shook, I wanted to help.

As you do your thing and stare at me, in hopes to arouse my attention, I sit waiting, praying that you will find it in yourself to comfort yourself.

I will also be with you and always be here with you when you need help, but until then let your doubts evolve to purpose and let your purpose transcend to love, for you are enough and you always have been.

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Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

What kind of writer are you?

It took Paulo Coelho two weeks to write The Alchemist. One of the most sold books in history. Crazy to think that some masterpieces don’t take long while others can take what seems like forever.

When I write I find myself going in spurts. Some days I crank out two or three thousand words. Other days I am scrambling to get a thousand.

Interested in hearing what kind of writers we have out there. Are you one who likes to space it out over time and write a couple thousand words a day? Or do you like to write the way Paulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist and crush it all at once? Maybe you are a mix, interested to hear how people write.

I remember when writers were writers

In a time where marketing and advertising plays a big role in the success of an author, can an author make it still on quality alone? Or do they have to be a better marketer than writer? Is it all about balance? I loved reading the alchemist and we all know what the basis of that book is.

Can an author just write and be successful?


Athlete, seeking books in the form of Romance…currently

That’s me, I’m the guy. Greetings everyone, looking forward to writing some blogs and seeing what this blog special is all about. Of course, I am in the process of writing a book. That is why I’m here, kinda. In all reality, I’ve never blogged, nor did I ever want to. But some cool topics came to mind, so i thought, why not discuss these topics with my blog buddies and see how it plays out. Cool, excited to try this out and get the dice rolling!