Shine Through

Loving you is like trying to breathe underwater. Every effort debunked by a past longing. Every soft touch turned to stone. It is like trying to empathize with a zombie, relating to your empty shell, your lifeless core. Crazy to hold on, but beneath the suppressed layers of turmoil lies an angel. So bright and so radiant, blocked by the burdens you hold. Your love is deserving, your soul is meant to shine, but you live a world where transcendence is non existent. I hope you find you inner spirit, I hope you listen to it when it calls you. One of these days it will scream louder beneath the surface, and convince you of love and belonging. When the time comes don’t hold back, I am sick of trying to breathe underwater. My lungs still full of water, my head submerged and drowning, I stay with you and love you, for your love is about to shine through.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

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