How To Feel Love

At the beginning it didn’t feel natural, it felt forced. Like I was eating just to eat, or I was running just to run. Going through the motions, thinking about it all the time but acting on it in ways that weren’t from the soul. It didn’t take long for me to stop running from the monotony of the this lackluster ride. I surrendered my attention to the very moment, instead of seeing the sun I felt the sun, instead of hearing you with my ears, I listened to you with my heart. In due time I woke up from the ego ride and returned to the love I had felt so long ago leaving me with a smile tattooed on my face and a permanent joy from within. At the beginning, it didn’t feel natural, now it feels like it never left. I always feel the love.

Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

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