Let it be, the Purest Example

You were a fire burnt out, a star that didn’t shine, a lion that didn’t growl, stagnant. It took me a lifetime to realize I couldn’t give you what you were looking for, I could only be an example. The moment I let it be was the moment I became the purest example there was. It was that exact moment I had to take off my jacket, put on sunglasses, and cover my ears. Preceding events to the biggest smile across my face.

Image & Passage: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

6 thoughts on “Let it be, the Purest Example

  1. Wow. A complete new idea to being a example. The way you started it off was amazing. It had a good flow and to say frankly I would have loved it if it was a bit longer.

    Anyway it was a great blog. Keep blogging

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