The City Pt. 7

The city lies comfortably congested on the pre winter evening. They thought they were sprinting to their destiny but they instead were running from their past. Amidst it all, cars drive, unknowing of their destination. People walk, confused intentions from the wrong source. Will today be better than the last or will it be a repeat of what tomorrow is going to be? Some things are better unknown, but a journey is better on repeat. A repeat of love and a continuous flow of hope and faith hiding in the cracks between the buildings and the pavement in the city streets. We think we are looking but instead we mimic the city sunset, trying out best to stay lit as we unconsciously hide behind buildings. A shadow of what seems to be never ending casts over, will we shine longer tomorrow? Will we have it in us to guide the way? The city lies comfortably congested on the pre winter evening. They thought they were sprinting to their destiny but they instead were running from their past.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

Love More

We love each other but we never say it,

We want to talk but we only text,

We want to hug but we never touch,

We want to be happy but we never smile,

We want commitment but we always run,

We want to forgive but we always sabotage.

We want less hate, so we must love more.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

You Are Enough

Chaos on the outside, pleasing you to please me, doing you to do me, you looked at me for guidance, I looked the other way.

A responsibility for your well being was something I did not want to get involved with, but you were shook, I wanted to help.

As you do your thing and stare at me, in hopes to arouse my attention, I sit waiting, praying that you will find it in yourself to comfort yourself.

I will also be with you and always be here with you when you need help, but until then let your doubts evolve to purpose and let your purpose transcend to love, for you are enough and you always have been.

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Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

You Are Complete

Horror movies and Bluetooth, we used to ride all night, to the vibes of a night summer breeze and a twinkle in our eyes. You joked with me and made fun of me, I called you names in attempt to vibe with you. Our only way of showing love, our systems faltered. Unconditional love was that of a mystery. A mystery we couldn’t figure out. I know if you could take it all back you would look beyond that mystery and show all the unconditional love you had. You would tell me your darkest times and tell me where your light resides. For you are open now, you found yourself, you are complete.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

You Were My Chorus

I was the verse you were the chorus, I did my best to be strong on my own, speak my own words and move in love , but when it was all said and done I always came back to you.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

The City Pt. 6

You aren’t even missing me, but if I had to kneel down in front of the lights of every window in this city for you to see how my heart relentlessly beats for you I would. I am purely devoted and effortlessly committed to making you see me, making you notice me, acknowledge and validating me for who I am. Like this city, I sense you only worry about the way people look out the window, the way they hide themselves and do their best to feel safe. That is not me anymore, for I have come to the city to rescue you. I am a knight, and although I am not in shining armor, I am in a button down and a nice pair of khakis that I got at the local goodwill. It is not that I couldn’t afford anything else, but I am done with the materials. This city can be your friend or it can be your enemy, the moment you attach to it is the moment you and I are broke. Stay within yourself and follow your heart for I can’t save you, but I can help bring you back to the person you were meant to be. Bless your soul and bless this city, I believe in both of you.

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Give me money not smiles,

Take a photo don’t hug me,

Suppress with me don’t talk with me,

Serve me to impress him,

Startle me to impress her,

Disregard me until I’m numb,

Give me plastic instead of organic,

Whisper about them don’t tell them,

Tell me lies not the truth,

Say maybe instead of yes,

Talk softly instead of confidently,

Fit in don’t stand out,

Cover me artificially in hopes to be natural.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

Stay Within Yourself

In times of need I asked the other one and he said stay, stay within yourself and stay far away from the ones telling you no. For that is not you, that was never you, you were always a go getter and following yes excelled you tenfold against the one that told you no. You were always a diamond in the fluffiest sand lying dormant on the most beautiful beach. Follow your soul and have a blessed day because the one who told you no can not see those plans for you.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

My Soul Will Fly

Waking up in a half bliss, there is nothing left for me to do but pray on your purpose. Better yet pray on my purpose for my destiny and my journey, as they need a giddy up for they have been slow lately. I try to get up but I stay, for the bed is too comfy, mistaking love for fear, I lay for hours more. Dreams that were once fulfilled turn absent as they tinker on the edge of fulfillment and emptiness. Withdrawing myself from what I deserve I lay longer, as the sun plays it role for everyone else doing their thing, guiding them to the light and the love within. It is not enough for me as I build strength, mentally and physically unblocking a path for my soul in hopes that it will fly. It is just a matter of time before it busts out. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but one of these days it will emerge, and I will never turn back.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog