Dear Mind, a Letter from my Spirit

To me it was always hard to guide you, I know you wanted more for me, I know you wanted to protect me. Times when you craved comfort, I craved excitement. Times you wanted to construct walls I wanted to bulldoze walls. We didn’t always butt heads. Most of the time we wanted the same thing. I had to recognize that you craved what I always was. I have been here the whole time, moving in a way you couldn’t understand and since you had a hard time comprehending, you looked for your craving else where. I have always been the purest form of love. So many times you tried to convince me I needed more or that I wasn’t complete, but you know I am way too conscious to fall for that. I am always here for you, in times when you are confused and feel like you deserve more. I am here for you when you are tired, after a long day of work when you felt like you deserved more. I am here for you when you are sad, when you feel like you aren’t worthy. I will be here to celebrate with you when you are happy. Most importantly, I will always be here in my purest form. The love I have is infinite, know you can have as much as you want.

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Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

4 thoughts on “Dear Mind, a Letter from my Spirit

    1. Thank you so much Juliana! Yes, I used to always question the mind and make sense of it. Now I am always doing my best to be aware that it is always going to question things or make things”chaotic” which is fine because I know deep down inside it all stems from love!

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