Don’t Waste Your Light On Me

Let your eyes navigate you to the light, take it in and cultivate it, grow it. Turn it to something that was greater than yesterday and is awaiting the evolution of tomorrow. Sparkle the rays across your heart and let it glow. Let it glow like the furthest star in the universe burning bright for the rest of the universe to know that distance is just an illusion. Your light is sharp, some would say it’s crispy without being burnt. I would say I hope your light guides you but that would be too easy because I know your light will carry you across the tundra in your mind currently disguised as burdens. It will carry you across the harshest conditions that await you and it will lead you to eternal love. So please, whatever you do, don’t waste your light on me. Your lights destiny will carry you if you let it. Please allow it to do so.

Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

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