Motivation from the Body

If you want motivation…

listen to your heart and the way it screams for things,

listen to your feet and the way they ache for a break,

listen to your legs and the way they beg for circulation,

listen to your arms and the way they beg to drop the burdens they have been carrying for so long,

listen to your hands and the way they want to be smooth as opposed to calloused and hard,

listen to your head and the way it wants to feel Mother Nature’s breathe.

Listening to the body is a pure motivator.

Listening to the brain can be pure, but be careful since motivations from the brain can come from motivators from when we were sick, a motivator that mislead us to pure love keeping us in a never ending cycle of toxicity. Listen to the body and you can never go wrong!

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog

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