I would love to hear some experiences on editing…

  • How many drafts do you write?
  • Does it take you longer to edit than write your story?
  • Do you often change the dynamics of your story?

Anything you want to share with me would be greatly appreciated, thanks, much love!

Disciplined without Love

A mind that is disciplined in every facet is worthless if love is not at the core of its intentions. Without love, we would fall to the never ending cycle of imaginations and stories our mind creates ultimately leaving us to where we were when we first started, attaining nothing, other than pieces of paper, which most believe should be the core of our intentions. Love is more than that. Love is now.

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Love is now

The love you harness contains a quantum of energy. There is nothing quite like it. Anything that tries to mimic this energy will come forth to the light. The energy is pure, genuine. It can not be duplicated nor created, it just is. Expressing loves energy attracts loves energy, express when you can, for love is eternal, love is now!

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The sunset told my thoughts to leave,

It opened the bridge of liberation,

That connected my heart to my mind.

Grounding me to a moment of eternal length,

Equipped with a crystal clear vision,

Divined senses,

All coming together in a moment,

shared with the universe.

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