My trust to you comes in the form of a bulletproof vest,

Wrap it around you when you feel vulnerable,

Let it secure you when you feel weak,

And let it protect you when your heart fails to beat.

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The Creative Mind

Shhhhh…Stop!! Don’t touch it…Don’t Disturb it. Do not show it a phone, keep it far from things that need to be plugged in. Give it feet when it needs inches. Wait minutes when it needs seconds.

I know this seems a bit obsessive, but given the necessary conditions, a creative mind can assemble a masterpiece.

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Rosy cheeks curl in unison to the ends of your lips , a perfect smile of beauty holding my vision hostage.

Sniffing your scents, unfamiliar to your concentrated bliss, unique to only you.

A flavor rich in uncertainties and insecurities swooshes around in my mouth, relishing on your codependence, my taste is satisfied.

Listening to your heart beat, present, my ears hear your spirits and attach to your presence.

An uncertain feeling of your mutual feelings, I sit as that similar to a bucket without water, a heart unable to touch your bliss, 4 of 5 senses satisfied, the feeling of you I’ll truly miss.

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I apologize if my presence comes off a little deep, it’s just that a world lived in shallow is something my world will never be!

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I don’t understand what moves you,

You say the lessons of life confuse you,

Fixing you, I try my best,

I’ll start the work if you do the rest,

No progress being made,

I’ll stay with you for another decade,

I know for us you don’t show much care,

But I have enough love for us to share.

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